Drop The Number Merge Game MOD APK 1.9.8 Unlimited Money

Drop The Number™: A Brain-Training Merge Game

Introduction to Drop The Number™

If you’re looking to take a break from the usual horror or fighting games, Drop The Number™ offers a refreshing brain-training experience. While it may seem simple at first glance, one small mistake can leave you utterly “dumbfounded.” Your task is to find and merge two numbers with the same value to create larger numbers. But beware, it’s easy to get stuck if you don’t plan your moves carefully.

Merge to Create Blocks of Greater Value

Prepare to face a blackboard filled with colorful numbers in Drop The Number™. The game guides you on what to do, but success requires careful calculation of your next moves. Combining two identical numbers will reveal the value of the next block, so strategize to keep progressing.

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Extreme Brain Exercise

Drop The Number™ is not just a game; it’s an engaging brain exercise that tests your patience like never before. There’s no time limit, so take your time to break your previous records. Calculating each move becomes crucial in this endless challenge.

Display of Score and Rank

Your progress is transparent in Drop The Number™. Every time you merge two adjacent blocks, your score increases step by step. The value of the numbers you merge affects your score, with higher numbers yielding better results. Check your ranking on the gold board for bragging rights.

Vibrations for Successful Matches

Matching two corresponding blocks triggers vibrations and sounds, signaling an increase in your score. The game demands rational thinking as you plan your moves. Be cautious, as the game ends when the screen is filled with numbers and no matches remain.

Beautiful and Modern Graphics

Drop The Number™ offers not only addictive gameplay but also an attractive and contemporary interface. Its simplicity appeals to players of all ages and genders, making it a go-to stress-reliever. Each number’s value corresponds to a unique color, enhancing the visual experience.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t miss out on the fun of Drop The Number™, a game that’s easy to understand from gameplay to interface. It works offline, so you can enjoy it wherever you please, even without an internet connection.

Main Features:

  • Colorful numbers guide your next moves in a value-driven puzzle.
  • Engage in intense brain training without time constraints.
  • Check your results and rank on the gold board after each round.
  • Experience feedback through sound and vibrations when matching numbers.
  • Modern graphics and user-friendly gameplay make it popular with players of all ages.

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