Dead Raid zombie shooter game MOD APK 1.3.0 Unlimited Money

Zombie Shooter FPS: Test Your Skills

The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Are you ready for the most challenging FPS zombie shooter game? The town is overrun with undead, and you’re the last hope for survival. Prove your true shooting skills and take on the hordes of zombies in this intense first-person shooting experience.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

In this zombie defense mission, you have a variety of weapons to choose from – shotguns, rifles, pistols, and even a crossbow. Select your firearms carefully to match your playstyle and face the zombie tsunami head-on.
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GAME NAME Dead Raid: zombie shooter game

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Survival Strategy: Outwit the Undead

Battle in Scary Zombie Bases

Explore eerie locations like the town school, now infested with hungry zombies seeking human flesh. Face your fears, be brave, and unleash your gun shooting skills to take down the walking dead.

Use Tactical Skills for Survival

Your wits are your advantage in this real fight for survival. Detonate gas cylinders strategically to destroy multiple zombies at once. Shoot the zombies’ legs to slow them down and gain precious time to reload and plan your next moves.

Zombie Hunt: Kill or Be Killed

Fight to Stay Alive

Every second counts in the zombie hunt. The undead are relentless, and your life is at stake. Be swift and accurate in your shooting to ensure your survival against the zombie attack.

The Final Showdown

It’s a battle for survival in this thrilling FPS zombie shooter game. Will you be the last one standing, or will you become a victim of the zombie apocalypse? Take on the challenge and try to survive the zombies’ attack!

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