Bug Battle Simulator


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Bug Battle Simulator 3D is a strategic war simulator game featuring a variety of insects.
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Oct 30, 2022
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Bug Battle Simulator 3D is a strategic war simulator game featuring a variety of insects.
There are many different kinds of insect species such as ants, stag beetles, scorpions, ladybugs, and wasps.
Your exotic insect army can defeat the revolt enemy to save the insect kingdom and bring peace to the forest.
Try placing strong insects in the front row and archer-type units in the back row.
It will certainly help to win.
The number and size of bugs in a game are related to the relationship between winning and losing the entire game.

Introducing the Bug Battle Simulator 3D:

1. Insects have different abilities and some have special skills, so players should choose carefully.

2. Explore the huge forest and experience four environmental maps.

3. Unpredictable tactical deployment makes it easy to defeat enemies, possess different kinds of insects, and strategically adjust their positions according to their attributes and abilities.

4. Players can experience 100 vs 100 epic insect wars.
Place air insects and ground insects. Sometimes deploying a giant boss insect will be a great help to victory.

Features of Bug Battle Simulator 3D:

1. There will be realistic battle scenes and insect adventures in the micro world.

2. You can experience infinite passion.

3. Survive quickly in the jungle.
You can watch interesting and exciting battle scenes.

4. Realistic sound effects and exciting background music

How to Play :

1. Select a unit card and touch the grid to place it. You can drag and drop continuously.

2. Touch or drag again to clear.

What's new

1. New insects have been added.

- Bulldog ant
- Black spider
- Pillbug
- Angry Wasp
- Alien ants
- Alien Spider
- Alien beetle
- Alien wasp

2. Balance has been adjusted.

3. Optimization.

4. UI Improvements.