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GAME NAME 3 Tiles – Tile Matching Games

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Fond of puzzle games? Well, you’ve made the right choice – we have excellent free matching games right here! Mahjong and popular puzzle games were combined together and thought over to get the perfect embodiment of a tile game. And behold, we’ve made it – the newest puzzle game legend 3 TILES.

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3 TILES is one of the newest tile matching games. Most tile games are suitable for casual entertaining, but also help to relax after stressful studying and working hours. The rules are simple and easy to pick up. All you need is to match 3 tiles with the same vivid picture, for instance, 3 avocados or 3 guitars. Clear the board from all the tiles to go to the next level.

Matching games can be tricky, but normally they have some common tile connect mechanics. After all, you still need to connect the tiles with pictures, right? Most free tile games have quite similar rules. And here’s ours.


🎯 Well, you should match 3 tiles with the same image. Just tap to put them into the stack. Three same tiles will be matched and removed from the stack.
🥇 When you clear the board, you win. Keep practicing to become a real tile master one day.
😰 You fail, if you don’t get at least one merge for seven tiles in your stack. Remember: you have a maximum of seven moves to make one combination of three tiles. Each tile link move matters.


🎊 Fascinating time-limited events with unique settings and little marvels for special occasions. Celebrations are always special with our free tile app.
🎡 Numerous stunning puzzle game themes from fruits and flowers to space and Wild-Wild West. By the way, if you have a theme idea, feel free to tell us.
🖼 Discover our collections. Each board game theme has a surprise for you. Play and find the hidden parts of a puzzle. Make an exclusive card complete! Also available on time-limited events.
🧚‍♀️ Each match block selection has a completely unique distribution on the board that surprises with variety – you have an extremely diverse gaming flow for each new level. It is a true tile craft. The tile spread changes on every level, so you won’t get any “ordinary” tile match pattern. Also look for secret tiles and jokers. Play and find out how they work.
🧘‍♀️ You can play puzzle game the way you like. Whether it’s a fast-paced combo-rush or a meditative and thoughtful approach, you’ll find exactly what you want in our matching game 3 TILES. The tile app suits all board game styles.
🛰 Offline availability. No need to worry about those free tile games that require constant Internet or Wi-Fi connection – you can play
puzzle game in offline mode whenever you want it.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Matching tiles classics. 3 TILES is a puzzle game for adults. The simple rules and relaxing gameplay mean that anyone can match tiles and enjoy a round of 3 TILES puzzle game.

3 TILES puzzle game welcomes you in the amazing chill tiles matching world.

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