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Anipang 3: Embark on an Exciting Adventure

Join Anipang Characters on a Journey

Take a journey filled with joy alongside the beloved Anipang characters! Anipang 3 offers a delightful adventure where you guide characters through a maze of colorful blocks.

Use Character Movement for Mission Success

Your mission? Move the Anipang characters strategically through the blocks to succeed! Challenge your skills and strategize to complete each mission.애니팡3 1


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Unleash the Power of Characters

As you progress, the character power gauge fills up, granting you incredible abilities. When it’s full, unleash their tremendous power to clear challenging levels.

Discover Unique Special Blocks

Anipang 3 introduces exciting special blocks like the Rotation Pang, which rotates before bursting to clear the path. Use them wisely to conquer levels!

Expand the Adventure with New Stages

Every stage holds the promise of adventure, and Anipang 3 keeps it fresh with stage expansion features. Explore new challenges and surprises as you progress.

Collect Adorable Anipang Characters

Meet the charming Anipang characters that add a touch of cuteness to your adventure. Collect them all and display your charming collection!

Defeat the Wicked Witch

Will you join the adventure to defeat the wicked witch? Prepare for an epic showdown as your adventure begins now!

Stay Updated with Anipang 3

Stay in the loop with Anipang 3:

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In-App Purchases

Keep in mind that Anipang 3 offers in-app purchases for premium items. The purchase price includes VAT.

Developer Contact

If you need to get in touch with the developer, use the following contact details:

Phone: 1800-6855

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